It’s solid musicianship and skilled playing, and the result is a sound both laid back and loose, tight and refined. Enough of the over-produced, squeaky clean, non-threatening world of modern bluegrass; The StillHouse Junkies live in gritty reality, an unrefined place where an appreciation for classic string band music mixes it up with the exploration of tomorrow’s progressive acoustic music.
— Bryant Liggett, Station Manager, KDUR Radio

Over The Pass

by StillHouse Junkies

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Born in a distillery in Durango, CO, StillHouse Junkies play a delirious, head-spinning mixture of original roots, blues, funk, swing, and bluegrass music. With all four band members sharing vocal duties and swapping instruments, the Junkies conjure a wide range of tonal landscapes that pay tribute to the iconic sounds of Gillian Welch, the Allman Brothers, Tim O'Brien, the Wood Brothers, John Hiatt, and countless others while breaking new musical ground with their genre-bending original material.

Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica / Bruce Allsopp

Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar / Alissa Wolf

Vocals, Bass, Banjo / Cody Tinnin

Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin / Fred Kosak



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